News Trump will redirect his team against the pandemic towards...

Trump will redirect his team against the pandemic towards the economy

If a tree falls in the forest but no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise? If I do something but I don’t post the photo on Instagram, has it really happened? If the White House dismantle the virus task forceWill the crisis be stopped talking?

The news that the president Donald trump He planned to liquidate in a few weeks the group of experts from different government agencies to respond to the emergency of the Covid-19, confirmed by the president himself and the vice president Mike Pence, caused the surprise last night as much as its determination to continue encouraging the reopening of the country against the criteria of the specialists.

“There may be more deaths,” said the president, but people “will continue to wash their hands.”

After six weeks of social distance measures and confinement orders of different lengths across the country, the contagion curve remains flat in the United States. Per capita mortality is lower than in the United Kingdom, Italy or Spain, but the trend continues to rise and outbreaks appear in rural counties hitherto little touched due to outbreaks in nursing homes, prisons and meat processing plants. Lack of staff has prevented many of these mega-establishments from reopening, which are already leading to shortages in supermarkets. Just as they are rationing the sale of toilet paper and wipes (getting it today requires large doses of domestic planning), from this week chains such as Costco and Krogers limit the amount of meat per customer.

The idea of ​​ending the group’s work on the coronavirus that he himself chairs “is a reflection of the tremendous progress that our country has made,” Pence said Tuesday, when the country exceeded 70,000 deaths from Covid-19. Trump, for his part, indicated that the government would convene another group of specialists focused on “security and reopening” of the economy, the priority of the White House at the moment. “We will have something different.” Why now? Asked the journalists who accompanied him on a visit to a factory in Arizona. “Because we cannot have our country closed for five years,” replied the president. Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx will also participate in the new working group, he clarified.

In view of the adverse reactions, the President changed his mind yesterday. “I had no idea how popular the working group was until yesterday I started talking about dismantling it”, so it will continue to work “indefinitely, focused on security and the reopening of our country”, in addition to the production of “vaccines and treatments,” Trump announced. From the ridicule of disinfectants and ultraviolet light, the media he suggested applying to Covid-19 patients, the White House modified the format of its press conferences, a change that has also involved the group of experts meeting with less often.

The pandemic is advancing but so far it has hit the country very unevenly, as might be expected given its size and low population density of much of its territory. By excluding new cases in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from the curve, which have coordinated their measures to slow down the spread of the virus, the data indicates not a decrease in the curve but a thick plateau of infections that, in addition , points slightly north.

Encouraged by the president and his supporters, it is mainly the governors of republican states who have undertaken the de-escalation, most without having seen the 14 days of contagion reduction that the health authorities recommend. Many governors believe they can control the outbreaks and are willing to risk it. “There may be more deaths,” the president admitted. But people, he assured, “will continue to wash their hands, keep their distance and do all those things that we have learned” during this time. “We have to get our country back,” he insisted.


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