Trump Won’t Negotiate With House Speaker To Raise Debt Ceiling – White House – Bloomberg

While President Biden “looks forward to discussing a range of issues” with House Speaker McCarthy, raising the debt ceiling is not up for negotiation, the White House said Wednesday night.

“As the president has repeatedly said, raising the debt ceiling is not subject to negotiation. It is the duty of this country and its leaders to avoid economic turmoil,” presidential spokesman Jean-Pierre said in a statement. The statement did not specify a date for the talks.

Republicans, who now have a majority in the House, are looking to use the debt ceiling deadline as a means to extract deep spending cuts from the White House and Congressional Democrats.

President Biden announced on the 20th that he would discuss the debt ceiling issue with House Speaker McCarthy,February 7announced that it will be taken up in the State of the Union address. He warned of a fiscal “catastrophe” if the U.S. government defaulted.

White House Will Not Negotiate Debt Ceiling, Rejects Republican Talks

Original title:White House Says Biden Won’t Negotiate in McCarthy Debt Talks(excerpt)

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