Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf reigned on Friday for sexual violence against minors


The Franco-Lebanese musician, who in 2013 had kissed a student in his recording studio, will be tried on Friday for sexual assault in the Créteil Criminal Court.

The girl, at the age of 14 and educated in the third, did a one-week internship in Ivry-sur-Seine's studio of Ibrahim Maalouf, at the age of 33. The musician, who has always recognized a "single act" that had "regret immediately" according to the plan, kissed her at the end of this course.

The parents did a report a year after the facts at the Montpellier prosecutor's office (Hérault), where they resided with their daughter, and an investigation was opened, leading to the January detention of Ibrahim Maalouf, today he is 37 years old .

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The girl "had started to get scarified, doing bulimia attacks.He saw a doctor and revealed that there were sexual caresses," says family lawyer Jean-Baptiste Moquet, explaining that the girl, " in love "of the musician and" fascinated "by him, he wanted to protect him.

The preliminary investigation was opened for "sexual abuse", which involves the consent of the minor. "At the end of the investigation", however, the accusation found that "there was no consent of the victim, and decided to send" Ibrahim Maalouf in court for "sexual assault", he explained. on the eve of the trial.

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In 2017, when the media reported an open inquiry into sexual assault, the trumpeter of four Victoires de la musique and a César for best film music reported "extremely damaging and false information", "transmitted deliberately for the sole purpose of "describing him as a sexual predator".

At the hearing on Friday, Ibrahim Maalouf should challenge, at least in part, the female version. Contacted by the AFP, her attorney Maud Sobel said "reserve her statements in court".



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