Trump's business: Deutsche Bank has to hand over documents to Congress

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Deutsche Bank must hand over documents to Congress

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Next defeat for the US president in court: A federal judge has rejected Trump's attempt to prevent Deutsche Bank from passing documents to Congress.

IIn the dispute over the disclosure of his business relations, US President Donald Trump has suffered a legal defeat. A federal judge in New York rejected the president's attempt on Wednesday to block Deutsche Bank and the financial firm Capital One from passing on documents to Congress.

The US House of Representatives, controlled by the opposition Democrats, had legally ordered the banks in April to hand over to Parliament their documents on Trump's business relations. The President then sued his family against Deutsche Bank and Capital One to stop them from releasing the documents.

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In a broad investigation, the House of Representatives explores the question of whether other states have attempted to influence US policy. Above all, possible connections to Russia should also be examined. In the course of the investigation, the intelligence and finance committees also asked for insight into the finances of the president and his family.

The connections of Deutsche Bank as lender Trumps reach back about two decades. After a series of bankruptcies suffered by the real estate mogul in the 1990s with its casinos and hotels in Atlantic City, she was the only bank willing to help Trump out of trouble. At times he stood according to US media reports at the Deutsche Bank with 340 million dollars (after today's value: around 305 million euros) in the chalk.

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The Democrats are not the only ones demanding a release of Trump's financial data. The Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, had requested in March from Deutsche Bank documents on previous loans to the Trump Group; The group is currently managed by sons Eric and Donald Trump junior. As a result, the largest German bank began handing over documents regarding its business relations with Trump.

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