Trump’s Corona suggestion: inject disinfectant! – look

Donald Trump’s question is not only strange, it could have life-threatening consequences. The US President has encouraged researchers to test the direct use of disinfectants in the fight against coronavirus. Trump told journalists Thursday night at the White House that it would be “interesting” to investigate. At a press conference immediately before, a government expert had stated that bleaching and disinfectants quickly killed the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen, for example on dry metallic surfaces such as a door handle.

“Is there a way we could do something like that – by spraying or almost cleaning … would be interesting to check,” Trump said. That would have to be left to the doctors, of course, he added. “But it sounds interesting to me,” said the president. Shortly after, experts in the US media warned: Don’t give it a try! Such a procedure would most likely be life-threatening.

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