Trump’s offensive against Biden’s triumph sinks in court

While Donald Trump has withdrawn from the public eye while continuing to make accusations on Twitter about an alleged electoral fraud, his legal team has failed to present evidence of this or gain ground in the courts.

Meanwhile, state governments have begun to certify the electoral victory of Joe Biden And the democrat paves the way to become the next United States’s president.

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Trump and his allies have won only one clear, but minor, victory in the nearly three dozen post-election lawsuits they have filed so far in local, state and federal courts of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada Y Pennsylvania, states where Biden won.

Foreseeing that Pennsylvania would be the turning point in the election, Trump’s campaign attorneys prepared to contest the votes in various parts of the state.

In recent weeks, however, the current president’s lawyers have acknowledged on several occasions that they have not obtained any evidence concrete of a electoral fraud.

Trump’s team has submitted at least seven demands important in this state: five before state courts and two before federal authorities. Of these, only one has won.

The demand that the only Trump victory It was in court where he accused Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar of illegally extending the deadline to obtain missing information from voters by mail. To the surprise of many, an appellate judge ruled in Trump’s favor and ruled that Boockvar had no authority to change the deadline.

Just this Saturday, a federal judge dismissed the most important lawsuit that the outgoing president’s campaign had filed in Pennsylvania, leaving him with virtually no options to reverse the election results in this key state.

The lawsuit sought to dismiss millions of votes by mail and Judge Matthew Brann’s decision implies that Pennsylvania counties have a free hand to certify the results of the elections on Monday, and confirm Biden’s victory.

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Michigan: Unsubstantiated Testimonials

Of the two relevant lawsuits filed in Michigan, one before a state court and one before a federal judge, Trump has not won any.

On November 13, a state judge methodically dismantled the testimony of six witnesses who claimed to have observed irregularities in the counting of votes in Detroit.

In a separate case on mail-in ballots, a Trump campaign attorney initially filed the lawsuit in error in a federal claims court in Washington, DC, which lacked the authority to review it.

Arizona and the rumor of the Sharpies

In this state, the Trump campaign alleged that some ballots were wrongly rejected because voters used markers. Sharpies to fill them. Despite the rumor going viral on social media, the Department of Homeland Security itself denied it.

“Don’t promote misinformation! Stop spreading the ideas of a #SharpieGate, ”said Chris Krebs, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

In-state Republicans withdrew the down lawsuit Sharpie last Saturday.

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Georgia, a repeated defeat for Trump

In this state, where at first it seemed he was going to win, Trump has not managed to score any legal victory either.

A judge of Georgia last week dismissed a lawsuit by the Republican alleging ballots had been received after the cutoff time on Election Day. The lawsuit was based on the testimony of an electoral observer from his party, who was later unable to provide any evidence.

Nevada dismisses Trump accusations

In Nevada, Republicans filed a lawsuit that, had it been successful, would have considerably delayed the vote count.

Without giving tests, the Trump campaign charged that there were irregularities in the Clark, the most populated in the state. He argued that machines should not have been used to verify ballot signatures, but Federal Judge Andrew Gordon rejected the case.

Days earlier, Trump’s legal team also filed a lawsuit to stop the counting of mailed ballots in Clark County, but it was also unsuccessful.

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Despite Trump’s refusal, Biden’s victory advances

This Friday, the electoral authorities of Georgia confirmed the biden win in the state, after a manual count and audit of all received ballots.

In other states where Trump lost, but where he has tried to challenge the election, certification of the results is scheduled in the coming days. In Michigan Y Pennsylvania the deadline is next Monday 23, and in Arizona, Nevada Y Wisconsin, between November 30 and December 1.

Meanwhile, despite the refusal of Trump to cooperate with the process of transition power, Biden He is already preparing the ground to become the 46th president of the United States on January 20. Already confirmed to Ron klain as head of his cabinet and is preparing to announce more appointments next week.

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