Trying to sell his girlfriend’s son for Rp. 36.9 million to a gas station, this man was arrested

FRANKFORT, – One Men in kentucky, AS, was arrested after he was about to sell his girlfriend’s son at a Refueling Station ( Gas station) in a drunken state.

The man named Harry Day was arrested while he was at Speedy Mart Corbin, along with the baby who is reportedly four years old.

The police said the 29-year-old man wanted to sell the baby for US $ 2,500 (Rp. 36.9 million) at a gas station. NZ Herald Friday (21/8/2020).

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However, his attempt was heard by one of the Speedy Mart visitors, who immediately gave the police the characteristics of his vehicle.

The police immediately carried out an armed tracking of these characteristics and found Day, the baby, as well as the one girlfriend, Gertrude Henson, in their home.

“At home, officers found methamphetamine and paraphernalia type drugs,” the Kentucky Police said in an official statement.

Men The 29-year-old was later arrested, and charged with trafficking children under the age of 18 and driving under the influence of drugs.

Meanwhile, Henson, who is a mother of two, was also arrested and charged under the possession of methamphetamine, possession of illegal substances.

Then possession of paraphernalia, as well as two counts of committing acts endangering minors, were quoted Daily Mirror.

Although Henson and Day are dating and living together, the four-year-old who is up for sale is said to be from Henson’s previous relationship.

On Monday (17/8/2020), Day appeared in court and pleaded guilty to human trafficking, gazetted. Times-Tribune of Corbin.

The judge then sentenced him to 260 days in prison. As part of his guilty verdict, the indictment of drunk driving.

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The allegations against the girlfriend are still unknown.

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