Tsepovyaz has not complained about the leadership of the colony, where he is serving a term


MOSCOW, 10 November. / Tass /. Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, convicted in the case of the Tsapka band, whose photos with crabs and kebabs had appeared previously on the Internet, did not complain about the management of the penal colony number 3 (IR-3) in the region of Amur, where he is serving the penalty. This was the Saturday Tass reported in the regional administration of the federal penitentiary service of Russia.

Tsepovyaz is a member of the gang Sergei Tzapka, who has 19 murders. The previous pictures appeared on the Internet, presumably from the colony, where they ate crab kebabs and fries. Russia's federal penitentiary service stated that these are images of three years ago.

After the outbreak of the scandal, the RF IC filed a criminal case for abuse of authority against IK-3 officials.

"Convicted Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz is serving a sentence in a rigid regime colony on the territory of the Amur region, no complaints have been received from the prisoner," said the regional response of the UFSIN to the official TASS request about possible prisoner's claims.

Transfer to a punishment cell

Previously, in the public observatory of the Amur region, and in the Ombudsman's office in the region, it was reported that Tsepovyaz had never complained about the conditions of detention in a correctional colony.

Prior to this, the press service of the Russian Prison Service in the region of Amur informed the fact that Tsepovyaz had been placed in a punishment cell (Shizo) because of his violation of the daily routine. According to his lawyer Elbrus Murtazov, the defense was told that their client had not come to have breakfast. At the same time, Tsepovyaz is an invalid of the second group, he does not have a shoulder joint.

Murtazov added that his department is now in a state of depression, and the defense fears that a scandal with photographs may worsen his health. "Being in a ShIZO, as well as this whole attack of information, can lead to a deterioration of his health, he is still disabled, has problems with sugar," said Murtazov, noting that Tropovyaz had no worsening ".

The lawyer noted that the defense intends to appeal against the transfer of his client to Shizo.


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