Tsivilev instructed to help the residents of Kiselevsk, who have applied for asylum in Canada


KEMEROVO, June 10 – RIA News. The governor of Kuzbass Sergei Tsivilev commissioned the head of the city of Kiselevsk and his deputies to elaborate measures of support for the residents of the city who have appealed to the Prime Minister of Canada with an asylum request, the press service of the reports of the 39; regional administration.

Previously, a video message to the Prime Minister of Canada appeared in the network, in which residents of Kiselevsk complain that coal mining in the city is conducted openly near residential buildings, for black snow in winter, to burn coal junctions and due to a high incidence of oncology that they associate with environmental problems. In a video message, Kiselevsk residents apply for refugee status. According to Kiselevchan, they chose Canada, because in climatic terms it is similar to Siberia.

"Kiselevsk is one of the most problematic cities in the Kuzbass environment … The city grew from a mining worker village and is practically in the coal mines, a difficult problem to solve quickly", observes the regional administration .

In particular, the authorities observe that the residents of the under-occupied territories move to new housing, far from the cuts, the fight against the illegal loading of coal and transport and all companies operating in the region must meet environmental programs agreed with the government.

"The governor has received the head of the city and his deputies to meet the inhabitants of the city, listen to all the complaints and jointly develop measures to resolve the problems, the main task is to help the residents of Kiselevsk", the press service of the 39; regional administration.

In turn, the administration of the urban district of Kiselevsky noted that the environmental programs were started in the region, which are already underway. "All the coal companies in the city have developed environmental programs, which are being implemented, but are not designed for 1 year," the district authorities stressed.

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