TSMC is tempting for everyone, even Tesla wants its new generation chips

Only this morning we talked about how Applewanting to free itself from the Chinese dominance in the field of chips, had set its sights on TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited, the largest independent semiconductor factory in the world) intent on building a factory in Arizona, thus being able to count on the benefits provided by theInflation Reduction Act.

The Cupertino company, however, she wouldn’t be alone to show interest: according to reports, in fact, Tesla reportedly signed a delivery order for next-generation semiconductors so big that it becomes one of the major customers of the Taiwanese company.

Self-driving software is one of Achilles heels of the Musk company, long awaited as postponed over the years.

In 2016, Tesla began to build a team of chip architects led by the chip designer Jim Keller in order to develop them its own, super powerful and efficient. In this way, according to the CEO, it could have been achieved autonomous driving in consumer vehicles without additional hardwareas is the case with custom-built autonomous vehicles operated by Waymo e Cruise.

Three years later, in 2019, Tesla unveiled the chip as part of its self-driving computer Hardware 3.0 (HW 3.0) claiming to have introduced 21 improvements in frame per second processing and defining it “the best chip in the world”.

TSMC Tesla

On that occasion Musk announced that the development of a component three times more powerfulin synergy with Samsungwas already underway and that the new generation it would be ready in just two years. Although this has not been the case, the rumors about the actual and imminent production of the new chip show no sign of diminishing.

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Reportedly by some Asian newspapersTesla is carrying on the collaboration with TSMC started in 2020 and started to place large orders for its next-generation self-driving chip:

“TSMC is receiving vehicle orders and is said to have replaced Samsung and won a large order for Tesla’s next generation of fully automatic driver assistance (FSD) chips, which will be manufactured at 4-5 nanometers. Tesla is expected to become one of TSMC’s top seven customers next year. It is the first time that TSMC’s major customer has an all-electric car factory, which will help withstand the impact of consumer electronics boom regulations.”

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