TSMC made a huge profit of 596.54 billion EPS and hit a record high of 23.01 yuan in the whole year – yqqlm

TSMC made a huge profit of 596.54 billion yuan in the whole year, with an EPS of 23.01 yuan, a new high. (Reuters)

[Reporter Hong Youfang / Hsinchu Report]TSMC (2330), a leading wafer foundry stock, has benefited from price increases and strong demand for advanced processes today. Today (13), it announced its fourth quarter financial report for 2021, with consolidated revenue of approximately NT$438.19 billion Yuan, not only the revenue hit a new high in a single quarter, but also the after-tax net profit of about 166.23 billion yuan, and the after-tax profit per share was NT$6.41, a quarterly increase of 6.4% and an annual increase of 16.4%, a record high single-quarter profit. Up to 52.7%, a new high in the past four quarters.

TSMC’s cumulative 2021 annual revenue is approximately NT$1,587.415 billion, an annual increase of 18.5%, a record high in annual revenue. The annual after-tax net profit was 596.54 billion yuan, an annual increase of 15.2%, and the average daily profit was 1.63 billion yuan, reaching 2.3 shares, and the after-tax profit per share was 23.01 yuan, a new record for profit.

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TSMC’s consolidated revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021 was 438.19 billion yuan, a quarterly increase of 5.7% and an annual increase of 21.6%. If calculated in US dollars, the revenue was 15.74 billion yuan, an annual increase of 24.1% and a quarterly increase of 5.8%. The gross profit rate was 52.7%, the operating profit rate was 41.7%, the gross profit rate was close to the financial forecast high standard of 53%, and the operating net profit margin exceeded the high standard of 41%. The quarterly increase was 6.4% and the annual increase was 16.4%, setting a new high for single-quarter profit.

Shipments of the 5nm process accounted for 23% of TSMC’s wafer sales in the fourth quarter; shipments of the 7nm process accounted for 27% of the total wafer sales in the quarter. Overall, revenue from advanced processes (including 7nm and beyond) accounted for 50% of full quarter wafer sales.

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