Tucker Carlson, the unforeseen ‘star’ in Ferraz fired from Fox for being too right-wing and in the war "is with Russia"

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“In this war, I am with Russia.” “Maybe we are going against Russia because it is a Christian country.” “You have to be honest: running a country means killing people.” “The great replacement [es decir, la sustitución de la raza blanca por otras]. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s their electoral strategy.” “The ‘gatekeepers’ on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate with new people, more obedient voters who come from the Third World “. “But they get hysterical because that is what is happening, it is the truth.” “The decline of the male, of virility, will lead to the collapse of our civilization.”

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, could not have chosen a more controversial person to assess his international credentials than Tucker Carlson, the television commentator – and, since his dismissal from Fox News, on Twitter – with whom he took a photo at a demonstration. In the United States, Carlson is more than just a conservative commentator. He is the personification of xenophobia. In fact, this 54-year-old journalist, whose father was ambassador to the Maldives and is now one of the Hungarian president’s main lobbyists in Washington, Viktor Orbán, has a mark that is difficult to overcome: he was fired from Fox News for being too right-wing. It is on Fox News where Carlson made those statements on air. Whoever wants more can go to his entry in the editions of Wikipedia and Wikiquote. The list would fill the Encyclopedia Britannica and volumes would be missing.

Carlson, however, was not fired from Fox News for any of those statements. He left the television network for reasons that have never been clarified, just after the company was ordered to pay 787.5 million dollars (735.8 million euros) in compensation to the television company. software electoral Dominionwhich had sued her for claiming that her computer systems had caused fraud in the 2020 elections so that she won Joe Biden. As part of the process, Dominion – which, contrary to what Fox said, is not controlled by the Government of Nicolas Madurobut by various funds of private equitywho are much more dangerous in any court than a banana dictator – managed to get the television company to disclose emails and SMS messages from several of its stars, including Carlson. Among the messages: “This is not how white men fight.” It was a reference to a video in which three trumpist beating up a far-left protester on a Washington street on January 6, 2021, the same day that the former president’s followers stormed Congress.

Racism may be the only ideology that Carlson has both in public and in private. Because the emails of the Dominion trial reveal a dual personality, capable of saying on air exactly the opposite of what he says in private. Thus, from Donald Trump – with whom, in theory, he has a deep friendship – Carlson wrote: “I hate him with all my soul” and “he is only good at breaking things.” Of the non-existent fraud of Dominion and another company –Smartmaticwhich is asking Fox News for $2.7 billion – in the election, on which Carlson built much of his popularity, wrote: “This bullshit software It’s absurd.” The real Carlson and the television Carlson are two different things. The only thing they agree on is their dangerousness.

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