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For several weeks, intermediate organizations such as Ave Fénix and residents of Monteros, Villa La Trinidad, León Rougés, Aguilares and Alberdi have mobilized for the environmental contamination that affects their localities.
Citizens demand that current laws are complied with and that it is verified that mills are indeed using filters in chimneys. The soot rain has turned into a nightmare for the residents of different towns in the provincial interior, for that reason in each of the protests they carry out, they highlight that the “environmental quality in Tucumán is in crisis”.
Since the beginning of June, more than a month before the first protests, the opposition bloc (Party for Social Justice) presented five requests to the Environment Commission so that, through it, it requests reports from the Ministry of the Environment. Environment of the province on different issues related to the environmental problem affecting Tucumanians. “We still have not received a response, we had to cite the headline,” said the legislator, Raúl Albarracín.
The radical Concepcionian leader pointed out that beyond all the problems that arise in the province and that concern the community as a whole, such as security and the socioeconomic situation, the environmental issue cannot be neglected.
“This is not a minor issue, the environmental quality in Tucumán is in crisis.
I called on the president of the Environment Commission, legislator Gerónimo Vargas Aiganasse to process the requests for a report. If the spring institutions in the Legislature had worked, people would not have been forced to go out and complain about this. The internal work in commissions is essential and this omission to process the report requests implies an institutional deterioration that is equivalent to ignoring a problem that affects the health of the neighbors, regarding which the people have already manifested themselves and are waiting for answers, “he said. the legislator.
Among the requests, Albarracín listed at least five:
1. Environmental Situation of Romero Pozo, Department of Leales, after the irrigation of roads and fields with vinasse. June 9 (File: 105-vll-20).
2. Technical Report on the current situation of the Salí River (causes of the current negative situation, measures that are being carried out for the control and monitoring of the province’s watersheds, especially in times of greatest industrial boom). June 9 (File: 104-VLL-20).
3. Compliance with the corresponding legislation by the Sugar Mills and the controls that said entity makes to such industries. June 19 (File: 109-VLL-20).
4. La Florida Provincial Park, on the extraction of tree species. June 16 (File 107-VLL-20).
5. Summons to the Secretary of Environment of the Province. July 14 (File 127-VLL-20).
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