Tudor in conference on Barak

Igor Tudor, Verona coach, spoke at the press conference in view of tomorrow’s match against Sassuolo. These are his words.

Verona: the Tudor conference

“I’m happy. I have no thoughts about it. I’m working, we’re doing well. I didn’t understand the question: what does it mean? Verona always leaves to save themselves, from that point of view we are happy. We are doing well, I think the team is doing well and that we started the second round well: we had a great match in La Spezia and a good match with Salernitana. It’s just that on Sunday something difficult to explain happened: we were disappointed with the result, but you start like this and you win them nine times out of ten. Not to mention the referees: after the game I was too bland. Then there is always something to improve, that’s the way it is in life and in sport: there is only one way to go “.

Your Simeone

“I always say that the top scorer must be evaluated without penalties. For me he was the top scorer in the first round, playing for Hellas. It is something perhaps underestimated: Vlahovic how many penalties did he shoot? He didn’t do something extraordinary, more. Now we have to continue, he must try to reach twenty, without however fixing himself on the numbers, because it is not the right path “.

Su Barak and Cetin

“Cetin is a golden boy and a good player. But in this system it is not easy for him, it doesn’t take much for them to fool you: the others did well, he did not find space and it is right that he went to play. Antonin is better, he is on the rise: it is essential for us, let’s see how to make him play in these two games“.

About recovered

“We are on the right track, tomorrow there will be another round of tampons. Magnani is back, Cancellieri, Ragusa. I don’t know the others, we have to see”.

About Frabotta

“We have taken a player who is right for us like Depaoli. Covid has slowed down Frabotta’s return a bit, let’s see when it will return“.

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