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Tue | news | on behalf of the Marina reveals the cause of “common” injury, with Corona.. and the attitude of Tariq Yahya

Revealed as Marsa striker war production, the cause of “common” MERS-CoV.

Bass said Morsi:” Wipes first that underwent came back negative, then the late sample of the second swab and asked me to return it”.

He added in his remarks across the channel echo of the country “and because of that delay was told I sources of Corona”.

He continued, “What was said about me made me feel very anxious, though lack of any symptoms and improve the many other, waiting for the result of the second sample. The results of the analysis came very reassuring”.

He continued saying: “then they told me the outcome of the second swab came negative.”

Responded on behalf of the marina on the question (Did you feel pressure from Gibraltar to transmit because of a rumor he was shot?) Saying: “no. I didn’t feel pressure from Tarek Yahia, in the end, is a provider of software and transfer news as written”.

He explained, ” the rumor spread in many places, the crew surrounds the transfer books only. Respect him and love him too and he’s not the reason in common”.

On behalf of the berth owner of the 28-year-old had already fought professional experience outside Egypt, it was with Larissa of Greece on loan, during the period with Zamalek.

Posted on behalf of Marina in 10 league games this season shirt war production and succeeded in registering two goals.

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