Tuesday is Supa Day: I summarized the TMI of the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ crew.

It is truly an exciting nation. Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is really popular. Tuesday night’s dance show, where eight dance crews competed for just one trophy, gave viewers a dance breeze. If you’re a Supa fan, you can sing ‘Hey Mama’ whether you’re happy or sad or lonely. As everyone knows, at the time of the 3rd rank mission leaderThey performed a contest by selecting David Guetta’s ‘Hey Mama’. Among the choreography crafted by Noze, the move that claps hard on the hands performed a magic that made even those who saw it feel refreshed. When I stretched out my hands in front of me and clapped them as hard as I could, I wondered if I felt a little better. Actors Park Jung-min and Peng too seem to enjoy ‘Hey Mama’.

Tuesday, which was only treated as the day after Monday, has become the most awaited day of the week. This is the power of ‘Swoopa’. The day will come when you will fall for the dancers who stood behind the singers on stage. We say, ‘Why haven’t we recognized them before?’ I am only grateful to the production team of ‘Suupa’ for letting me know about the jewel-like dancers, but there is only one regret. It’s an old-fashioned way to get rid of the crew through missions. It’s really sad that it’s only been a month since the show started, but now we can’t see a crew on the show. Each crew member has collected TMI for each crew metallurgically for the precious Supa fans. Mnet ‘Swoopa’ homepage Crew introduction page arranged in order.

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1. Coca and Butter

-The original team name was Coca and Butter, but the name was temporarily changed to Coca and Butter because it was not suitable for broadcasting.

-Coca and Butter originally had 6 members, but member Bibi, who works as a nurse in the delivery room, couldn’t join ‘Suupa’ because it was difficult to change her schedule.

-4 member Jilin is not seen.

-The tiger doll in the photo is taken with the members each time they record.

-Leader Jung Ri was a member of ‘Just Jerk’, which performed the opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

-Jin-Eun Yeo is currently a professor at Hanyang University Education Center, Department of Practical Dance and Broadcast Choreography.

– Jihyo likes her nickname ‘Mulan’

– Yeri is a real national team member. Won a bronze medal in the breaking category at the 2018 Youth Olympics. Another medal is expected as breakdancing has been adopted as an official event at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

– A team formed while making the choreography for singer Chungha. The name of the team, Lachika, is also taken from Chungha’s song ‘Chica’.

-Leader Gabi born in 1993’s real name was unexpectedly ‘Shin Gabi’, but was changed by Shin Ji-won last year.

-Members found out that the king of business: clothing (Lian), artificial eyelashes (Gabi), shoes (Shimizu)

-Peanut, recruited for ‘Swoopa’, is a professor of practical dance art at Seoul Hoseo Arts College.

*Coca and Butter Gaga is also a professor at this school

– A crew formed this year by dancers from ‘OFD STUDIO’, a dance academy run by Monica and Lip J.

– Monica and Lip J are living together, and there is a vlog of their daily life on YouTube. ‘My friend Soon-yi’ There is a series. It’s really fun, but if you immerse yourself in it too much, you may have the side effect of overlapping Soon-i while watching Supa.

-The age range of the crew varies from 1986 (Monica) to 1999 (K-day Rosie)

-Rosie used to be a YG Entertainment trainee, but turned to a dancer.

-Proudman’s slogan is “Prowd Prowd Prowd! PROWDMON!”

-A crew composed of Aiki and Aiki’s disciples (Odd and Lujjon are instructors)

– Originally there were 18, but only 7 appeared on the show

-Actually, Aiki and Coco are famous for the dance duo ‘Olleddy’, but Coco has stopped promoting due to controversy during her school days.

-Seon Yun-kyung, recognized by Aiki, was born in 2003 and is the youngest member of Hook along with Sung Ji-yeon.

-Leader Noje, who is the first contributor to the ‘Hey Mama’ syndrome

-The original three members were Noje, Dola, and Anso.

-Noje said that he felt sorry for the members that only he was highlighted.

– Risu made an official statement saying that although controversy arose during her school days, she met the person concerned and resolved the misunderstanding.

– A crew specially formed for ‘Swoopa’, centered on the star choreographer Hyojin Choi of the dance label ‘One Million’ and Chaeyeon Lee, a member of the idol ‘IZone’.

-Rosalind and Proudman’s Rip J was a priest. Rosalynn left the ‘Mystic Boutique’, a waxing crew made up of LipJ’s students.

-Moana animation ‘Moana’Moana because she resembles the main character of

-Emma recently appeared on stage as a backup dancer for Hyuna & Dawn’s ‘PING PONG’. emma fancam The number of views has exceeded 3 million times.

– Honey J formed a new crew after disbanding Purple Flow, which he had with Coca and Butter members in the past.

-Leader Honey J is famous as a business partner and best friend with Jay Park.

-There are 9 members of the Holi Bang crew, but 8 people appear on the show

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