Tukang Bakso Tak Nilep Dana Bansos

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PDI-P general chairman jokes Megawati Soekarnoputri The question of ‘meatball maker’ still gets a ‘lively’ response from netizen RI. The majority of his comments were cynical to the point of insinuating the corruption case of the ‘Banteng’ cadre.

At the opening of the PDIP II 2021 National Working Meeting (Rakernas) at the Lenteng Agung Party School, South Jakarta, Thursday (23/6), Mega, who is a former President, joked about the candidate for the meatball baker’s son-in-law.

“When I wanted to have a daughter-in-law, I already told my three children; be careful, if you look for someone who is like a meatball seller,” joked Mega, laughing amusedly, quoted from the recording of the National Working Meeting.

Mega’s statement was greeted with laughter from the audience, one of her children who is also the chairman of the DPR, Puan Maharani.

“So imagine why does this look like that?” continued Mega.

There was no explanation from Mega or PDIP about the joke of the meatball maker and also the alleged racist remarks against Papua in the same speech.

However, netizens often interpret it as an insult to the profession. The keyword ‘baker meatball’ even entered the top 20 trending topics on Twitter yesterday.

Account @segerwaras_id said the meatball maker is a legitimate type of entrepreneur who makes him a ‘boss’ so he doesn’t have to steal people’s money.

The meatball maker for halal money he was looking for. No matter how high the rank you have, you are still an employee. No matter how small your business, you are the BOSS (Bob Sadino),” he tweeted, quoting the late national businessman Bob Sadino.

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The meatball baker has never received the social assistance funds. The meatball baker was never caught by the KPK OTT“he continued.

similar, @emha_baraja stated “Meatballs are more honorable because they don’t eat people’s money”.

Craftsman Meatballs are more dignified because they never charge people’s money. Meatballs are wiser because they don’t eat tax money“he continued.

It is known, in a few years PDIP has become one of the political parties with a large number of cadres who have been entangled in corruption cases, including at the KPK.

One that is considered ‘severe’ is the corruption of social assistance funds (bansos) for the Covid-19 basic food package with a project worth Rp. 5.9 trillion in 2020. The method is that the Minister of Social Affairs who is also a PDIP cadre, Juliari Batubara, quoted a fee of Rp. 10,000 per food package.

He was later sentenced to 12 years in prison and did not appeal.

In addition, there is a bribery case for interim replacement (PAW) of DPR members with the suspect Harun Masiku, a PDIP candidate who is still at large. This case was uncovered via the KPK’s hand arrest operation (OTT) against KPU member Wahyu Setiawan.

Photo: CNNIndonesia/Basith Subastian
Infographic Members of DPR 2014-2019 Netted in Corruption Cases

Meanwhile, account @nefarxious Can’t understand Mega’s jokes because there are many meatball vendors whose welfare is above average.

wdym don’t be like a meatball baker? omg, I graduated from a junior high school in the area, so I’ve been a poor meatball maker from the past and now have several branches in Jakarta. Thank God, his life is very, very well-off and his family is prosperous and doesn’t lack anything..”

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Mega herself did not directly respond to these criticisms. There is only symbolic political language.

After the first day of the National Working Meeting, Mega, accompanied by Puan, her son who is the Chairperson of the PDIP DPP Muhammad Prananda Prabowo, PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto, and Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly, together ate the meatballs from the meatball sellers who were brought to the party school.

He looked solemnly enjoying a full serving of cuangki meatballs in his hands while occasionally talking to Yasonna who was sitting beside him.

“If friends Every time we come to the Party DPP, when we have a meeting, we have lunch first, then at half past 4 we go out to eat meatballs, that’s the daily menu in the party DPP meeting,” claimed Hasto.

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