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The move comes just days after Tumblr claimed to have found images of child sexual abuse during a routine checkup

The social networking site Tumblr has announced plans to ban all pornographic content, effective since December 17.

The new policy comes weeks after the site was picked up by Apple's App Store after images of child abuse exceeded Tumblr's filters.

In a post, CEO Jeff D & # 39; Honorius pointed out that Tumblr has always had a "zero tolerance policy" for such content, but wanted to improve security on the site.

"Our actions are for love and hope for our community," he wrote.

The new community guidelines do not allow users to upload "human genitals or female nipples", including anything "so photorealistic" can be considered genuine.

However, the site said that posts with "artistic, educational, interesting or political" nudity are acceptable and will not necessarily be removed.

Users who have posts for adult content will receive notifications that will tell them how to appeal against a ban or how to "preserve their content outside the community".

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In the past, Tumblr has had a reputation for allowing sexual material on its site

The new Tumblr policy arrives a few weeks after their app was withdrawn from the Apple store after it was detected that child abuse images bypassed the site's filters.

The company published on its support site saying that illegal images were immediately removed when discovered.

"Every image uploaded to Tumblr is scanned on an industrial database of material of sexual abuse of known minors and the images detected never reach the platform", it says.

"A routine audit uncovered content on our platform that had not yet been included in the industry database."

Tumblr has had the reputation of allowing the sharing of sexual material on its service.

The site was banned for one day in Indonesia compared to adult content, while South Korea asked him to do a better job of moderating adult content on his service.


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