Turin 22 November | Piemonte region

Seven million euros to renew the vehicle fleet of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Piedmont. These are the resources that the Region makes available with the aim of improving air quality also in light of the more restrictive restrictions on circulation. The call to access the funds opens today, Monday 22 November, and provides for three lines of financing: Line A for vehicles, Line B for mopeds and motorcycles and Line C for cycles.

“A measure for the purchase of new low-emission vehicles”, explains the Councilor for the Environment, Matteo Marnati, “which is part of the many measures implemented by the Piedmont Region to improve air quality for be within the limits of fine particles and nitrogen oxides. This latter problem must be solved as soon as possible both in terms of health measures and for companies that will no longer be subject to any limitations “.

The announcement

As regards Line A, company vehicles for the transport of goods and people of at least Euro 6 class (belonging to the emission classes 6D TEMP and 6D) are eligible for financing for the purchase, after scrapping. Specifically, the following can be purchased: pure electric, hydrogen, hybrid (petrol / electric, Full Hybrid or Hybrid Plug In); exclusive methane, exclusive LPG, exclusive LNG; petrol, methane or bifuel LPG (i.e. petrol-methane or petrol-LPG). Vehicles powered by petrol up to Euro 3 included, hybrids (petrol / methane or petrol / LPG up to Euro 3 included and Diesel up to Euro 5 included) can be scrapped.

As regards Line B, financing is allowed for the purchase, after scrapping, of motorcycles and mopeds with exclusive electric drive against the scrapping of a moped or motorcycle powered by mixture, petrol or diesel up to Euro 2 included, or of a 4 wheel petrol vehicle up to Euro 3 included, hybrids (petrol / methane or petrol / LPG) up to Euro 3 included and Diesel up to Euro 5 included.

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For Line C they are eligible to benefit from the concessions for the purchase of pedal assisted bicycles, cargo bicycles or cargo tricycles similar to a velocipede, cargo bicycle or pedal assisted cargo tricycle similar to a velocipede.

The contributions are established on the basis of the emissions of the main pollutants by the individual vehicle (for both the transport of goods and people). All the details on the Unioncamere Piemonte website.


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