Turkey. He helped in the search. Eventually he realized that he was missing

Beyhan Mutlu met with friends on Tuesday in a forest in Bursa’s province Turkey. They drank, had fun and had a good time together. The man, however, did not come back from the meeting.

“I’m here!”

Concerned wife Mutlu, his family and friends informed the services that organized a search group. As it turned out completely unnecessary, because the one they were looking for had accidentally joined the search group. He did not even realize that he was a wanted person and for many hours he wandered with the group that was looking for him.

The 50-year-old didn’t realize it until the members of the search party started calling his name. He replied, “I’m here!”

The missing person was afraid of punishment

Then one of the paramedics took him aside for the man to testify. He was supposed to say, “Please don’t punish me too harshly. My father is going to kill me.”

The police drove Mutlu home. It is not known whether he was punished fine. However, it can be said that the search was successful.

Source: BBC News


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