Turkey wants to add ingredients to Mexican cuisine

Turkey has close cultural similarities to Mexico. This, as a result of the commercial relations between both countries, since there are currently 72,500 registered Turkish exporters that send more than 16,000 products to the world, including Mexico.

“Turkey has a wide variety of food products appreciated for their high quality, expanding our objective of increasing our business throughout the world, mainly Mexico, one of the leading markets in Latin America where we currently have 347 varieties of exported products,” he said. Melisa Tokgoz Mutlu, president of the Sector Council of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables of Turkey.

During the coronavirus pandemic, sales of products such as nuts (81%), seafood and animal products (42%), and nuts (218%) have increased, of the latter, Turkey is the largest producer in the world, said Melisa Tokgoz.

As part of the actions to increase the existing commercial relationship between both nations, Mexican entrepreneurs have participated in the “World Food Istanbul”, the largest and most successful food fair in Turkey, which brings together producers and buyers from different countries, and serves as a platform to launch and promote products and increase sales of participating companies.

In addition, in the last month the first “Virtual Trade Delegation” was held, where exporters from Turkey opened their production offer to large business leaders from Mexico.

“Turkey sees Mexico as an important trading partner and shows great attention to the great commercial potential to join forces with Mexico,” added Melisa Tokgoz Mutlu.

Although it seems geographically distant, Turkey is the first economy and the bridge between Europe, Asia and the Middle East with a unique geographical position, in addition to having a clear interest in Latin America and an announced relationship strategy with Mexico, which represents a unique opportunity to strengthen the trade and investment relationship with a G20 country.

Turkey arrives in Mexico with food products that grew in fertile soil and that make that country the leader in quince, fresh figs, hazelnuts, oregano and laurel, among others.

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