Turn a Nintendo Wii into a Mac with an M1 chip

The M1 chip has given new life to two classics of the world of technology!

A fan of technology decided to turn two classics of this world into one and also make it work. Thus, in an absolute demonstration of patience and expertise, YouTuber Luke Miani managed to transform a Nintendo Wii into a Mac minithe perfect gaming device with Apple’s M1 chip.

Of course, the process was recorded, recording detail by detail the details of the process. Before beginning, Miani resolved the doubt of the majority, explaining What led you to take on such a challenge?

Two in one with the signature of Apple and Nintendo

In addition to the desire, Miani observed that both devices had suitable technical requirements for his idea to be viable. As the youtuber explained:

I was looking at an old Wii the other day and I thought HMM, it looks about the same size to me. What if I put a Mac mini in there? A silicone Wii from Apple?!? Hell yes! Today we’ll build a DIY Mac mini Wii conversion perfect for retro gaming on a Mac. Wii games, Nintendo Gamecube, even PS2 emulation via Dolphin and Aethersx2 in the package of a Wii? Hell yes!

As Miani reveals in the video, both the Mac mini and the Wii have easy-to-repair designs. Opening them up, he listed a few changes he would have to make to the Mac mini in order for it to fit inside the Wii casing, as the video shows:

With the first condition approved, Miani began the process by getting down to work to solve the problem of power supply. To solve most of these challenges, he used 3D printing to build custom components, made Bluetooth work, and more.

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Thanks to the solutions you found, Miani achieved that the final product “works perfectly”. Despite the required changes, the M1 chip can still hold its own. Benchmarks show that only a very small amount of performance is lost due to the removal of the full-size fan.

Finally, the acid test happened when the Mac mini inside the Wii worked to emulate classic Nintendo games, just like a regular Mac and much more. And it doesn’t end there: Nintendo games are being upscaled to 4K resolution.

Yes ok It is not the first time that a user transforms an Apple productOn few occasions these creations involve devices from other firms, which is why Miani’s work is truly remarkable.

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