Turn Assist: "Then I can only pray that there is no one"


Joannis Kordas will not forget the sight. "A young woman, on a road bike. Suddenly she was there. It was green, but I just did not see it, "he says, and his eyes are still wide with horror when he remembers the moment when he almost killed a life. The 52-year-old sits every day at the wheel of a forty-ton truck, with which he delivers new cars in northern Germany. That means: again and again into the cities, again and again intersections, turn right again and again. And that means danger to life for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Korda's path. Truck versus man. This combination makes you shudder just because of the unequal balance of power. Measured by the general accident numbers, such collisions are rare. But when it does happen, the consequences are often fatal. Most accidents would be avoidable. The technology is already there. Why is she so rarely used?


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