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Turnaround: Government steps back and promises support for green receipts “still in April” | Coronavirus

There is a turnaround in the case of support of 438 euros for workers with green receipts who are facing a halt in activity. Contrary to what the law says, the Government ensures that people who submit an application for access by mid-April will still have support this month and not in May.

The decision was announced by the office of the Minister of Labor, Ana Mendes Godinho, after the PUBLIC reported that 315,000 self-employed workers risked spending the month of April without support. And this is because the form for requesting help was not made available in March – it is only available on the Social Security Direct website as of this Wednesday (the first of April) – and, in light of the Government’s diploma, this financial envelope of 438.81 euros is paid from the month following the month in which the application is submitted.

Now, after being silent on this issue, the Labor Minister’s office has decided that it is necessary to speed up procedures so that support does not arrive only in May.

“From April 1 (and until April 15) a period will be opened for reporting the stoppages of self-employed workers for March, using the form available at Social Security Direct. The payment of support will be made still in April, and the respective payments are currently being planned, ”replied the Minister of Labor, through her press office, in response to questions from the PUBLIC.

In practice, anyone applying for support between April 1 and April 15 will see the rules applied as if they submitted the form in March.

The Government does not clarify, however, whether to proceed with these procedures, it will make some correction to the diploma that created this extraordinary support, since this decree is clear in stating that “the financial support is paid from the month following the submission of the application” .

If they are in a “proven situation of total stoppage of their activity or the activity of the respective sector” due to the covid-19 outbreak and do not benefit from another extraordinary measure, there are 314,734 people who in theory could be without a network in April, as this is the universe of self-employed workers who, according to the records of the tax administration, have exclusively income from self-employment in Portugal.

The fear was amplified by the PUBLIC on Tuesday. When asked whether it recognized that this potential universe of workers would be without immediate support and whether it is for operational reasons of processing the funds (or for any other reason) that Social Security was only making the requirements available now, the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, had not responded. He ended up doing it on Tuesday night, when the problem was already known to public opinion.

The Association for Combating Precariousness – Precarious Inflexibles had already publicly asked the Government to clarify “this situation immediately”, warning in a statement that “many of the people who work with green receipts and who have now been without work do not meet the conditions to access the subsidy. due to cessation of activity (the unemployment benefit for green receipts), so they wait for this emergency support ”.

The allowance in question lasts one month and can be extended up to a maximum of six months. Although it corresponds to the value of the remuneration recorded as a base for contributory incidence, the Government imposed a ceiling that limits the amount to 438.81 euros per month (the equivalent of a Social Support Index).

This measure should not be confused with support for the family (from 438.81 euros to 1097.025 euros) which is intended to support workers with green receipts (as well as employees) who stay at home to accompany workers. children if, during the period when schools are closed, they are unable to practice the profession in telework or in any other way.

One of the doubts that remains to be clarified is whether, if workers are exempt from contributions in the first year of work, they remain in or out of support.



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