The announcement of the dismissal of three journalists from France 2 for harassment and sexism is causing waves within the editorial staff. Estelle Denis makes herself heard.

We learned this weekend, following the revelation of Clémentine Sarlat, former journalist from Stade 2, three journalists from the sports editorial staff of France Televisions are in the process of dismissal. The case is obviously making noise, each having a very clear opinion on the question, all this against the backdrop of the #MeToo campaign. Invited this Monday ofEurope 1, Estelle Denis wanted to defend her colleague, considering that the remarks against her were ” displaced and null », But the journalist of the channel L’Equipe still wanted to restore a little calm, by repeating that this affair should not reflect on the whole of the profession.

« We are in the process of casting shame on an entire profession (…) I have been called ‘my darling’ for 20 years, I have never found that degrading. I always saw it as a mark of affection. Today you read social media and you have the impression that all sports journalists are pigs, but that is not true. I work in a writing with elegant, sympathetic guys (…) there are also cool guys in our work », Confided Estelle Denis. Still, the Channel L’Equipe, where Raymond Domenech’s companion works, does not escape certain revelations on ambiguous behavior either, recently Yoann Riou had accused Gilles Favard of harassment and threats. This did not prevent the Specter from returning to the air, and Yoann Riou from being confirmed at the start of the school year on the same channel.

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