"TV series no longer the little brother of the movie"


Berlin Mixes from November Apple in the fight for the best online offer with. The group wants to show on its own streaming portal Apple TV + exclusively produced programs, films and documentaries. A market already known by sellers Netflix and Amazon is hotly contested. All of them have long since reached a worldwide audience with their platforms and are trying to attract top-class stars to their projects.

And Hollywood adjusts itself: was formerly still the movie as the premier class, are now some well-known actors in the series of streaming services to see. Actors Orlando Bloom and model Cara Delevingne were the two main roles in an Amazon series last.

Now they were in Berlin to present the eight-part fantasy series "Carnival Row". In-house production of Amazon Prime is about the difficult coexistence of humans and mythical creatures. It's about incomprehension and expulsion – so very current social issues. The Handelsblatt has met the leading actors Bloom and Delevingne for an interview.

Ms. Delevingne, Mr. Bloom, "Carnival Row" is the first major series role for you both. Actually you are so far rather to see on the big screen. Why an Amazon series now?
Delevingne: It was not about the Amazon series, but about the exciting project.
Bloom: In addition, the mindset that the TV series is the little brother of the movie, has changed. I see the series more like an eight-hour movie.
Delevingne: And the quality of these productions is high. That was very important to me.

Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming services are changing the movie business. What does that mean for stars like you? Higher fees? More role selection?
Delevingne: No, we do not get higher fees or more jobs. I think it has become better, especially for the creatives of the industry.

Delevingne: The movies and studios have become so huge that the producers have a lot of influence on the creative process.
Bloom: In addition, the writers with their projects on the streaming portals reach many more people than if they bring out their ideas as a small independent films in the movies. Nowadays it is hard for a movie to find its viewers.

Scene from "Carnival Row"

Orlando Bloom as Police Officer Rycroft Philostrate with the Fairy Vignette, played by Cara Delevingne.

(Photo: Amazon)

What future does the cinema still have?
Delevingne: That's the same question as about the future of paper magazines. I think there will always be people who just like this cinematic feeling, with popcorn and coke. It's just beautiful to see all these details on a big screen.

What and how do you look for yourself?
Delevingne: I actually watch most of the time series. It's a lot easier to stream on your phone than to go to the cinema. The last movie I saw was Rocketman.
Bloom: I have an eight-year-old son, so I'm watching a lot of children's films right now.
Delevingne: It's just so many streaming series that it's impossible not to look at it.

Nevertheless, productions of streaming services are not yet allowed at the Cannes Film Festival. The Netflix production "Roma" has received three Oscars this year. What do you think about it?
Bloom: I think that will change.
Delevingne: You have to change that. That's just a matter of time.

In your new Amazon fantasy series "Carnival Row" in the broadest sense is about diversity, escape and the stranger. Which political statements do you see in it?
Delevingne: When you talk about excluding people, it's always been right-wing thinking.
Bloom: This discussion about refugees did not begin until yesterday or the day before yesterday. This has been going on for hundreds of years and we are fortunate enough to come out with our series at a time when the topic is just so relevant again.
Delevingne: But I think the message the viewers should take from the show is different.

Which one would that be?
Delevingne: You should understand that such a policy is not the right way to lead and live. It's just wrong to control everything and exclude cultures.
Bloom: It's all about fear. An unspoken fear that seeps through society because people are so afraid of the unknown.

How can we change that?
Delevingne: Well, it's like people justify their fear on other people. But that's not true. We would also be afraid if we lived alone in our countries.
Bloom: Empathy is the right way. Every day, we should ask ourselves what we are doing here and try to do the right thing for other people. That's what it's all about: you have to make the right decisions every day anew.

If you compare the series with the current world events, you think of the waves of refugees or Trump's wall to Mexico. How political is entertainment allowed to be?
Delevingne: I think entertainment is always political. Even if she does not want to be political. You can interpret so much into a fantasy series.
Bloom: Spectators can look at crises through a fantasy mask and then analyze and compare. But all that happens in an entertaining way.

Does the actual message of the series then arrive at the audience?
Delevingne: Yes, because only then can people think about these things and talk about them without the fear of having to name the topic directly. How else could the world have changed if politics were not constantly commented on in art, music and films?

Amazon series "Carnival Row"

In the episodes mythical creatures flee to the people in the city.

You are both British. How do you look at the USA and Trump? And on Britain and Johnson?
Delevingne: It's tough. I did not expect what is going on in the world right now and that there are so many people who agree with this world view and are behind it.
Bloom: I was shocked when Trump was elected president and wondered what was happening. But by now I think it may even have been necessary for the world to heal.

What do you mean?
Bloom: If these thoughts remain in the dark and are discussed behind closed doors, it's scary and scary. But now we see people's problems and fears and hopefully start talking and listening.
Delevingne: I hope the cracks can be so healed by the societies.

While we talk about injustices in the world, there is also one in the film industry. According to the current Forbes list, the top 10 of the film women together earn 315 million dollars, the top 10 of the men with 588 million but almost double.
Delevingne: This is really sad. But the difference is not as big as I thought.

Do you know what each other gets for the series?
Bloom: I beg your pardon?
Delevingne: Whether we know what we deserve?

Yes exactly. Are you talking about it?
Bloom: No.
Delevingne: No, that's not what I'm talking about with my friends.
Thank you for the interview.

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