TV Tip: A holiday home in Tenerife


Berlin (dpa) – Opposites attract. Unfortunately, the consequences are not always as tingling as hoped. An example of this is the Saturday evening film “A holiday home in Tenerife”, which the first shows on 22 June (20:15). The comedy (written by Johannes Rotter based on an idea by Annika Tepelmann) is based on two opposing constellations. But she does not seem really funny.

For example, the story staged by the respected director Sabine Bernardi (“Club der roten Bänder”) is especially appealing to viewers, who already feel well entertained by a psychologically simply carved story of relationships in front of a dreamlike holiday backdrop. The production of the Bavaria Fiction is quite well staffed with the theatrical star Philipp Hochmair (“Men's Litter”), Anna King (“Katie Fjords – The Child of the Others”), Caro Scrimali (“WaPo Bodensee”) and Janek Rieke (“The Criminalist »).

The focus is on the couple Tinka (King) and Jürgen (Rieke) – she is a fun-loving, sensual and patente nurse and mother of little Paul (Arsseni Bultmann), he an insecure Schluffi, who has just gone bankrupt with his own architectural firm.

Tinka enjoys the holiday together in a small rental villa on the Canary Islands, not least because she wants to surprise her here with a marriage proposal. Of which, however, then feels overwhelmed.

Jürgens old friends Diana (Scrimali) and Lars (Hochmair) and their daughter Charlie (Lena Mayr) are also part of the party. You want to get to know each other or revel in youth memories together. What misfortune takes its course. Because Diana and Lars are in their whole way not only an overly clear counterpart to Tinka and Jürgen – her style-conscious, but frustrated housewife, he cool success master builder, who is currently responsible for a major project in Dubai and his wife cheats with his assistant.

The two still pull with the house of Tinka and Jürgen, because their own accommodation is already taken elsewhere. And soon there are the one or other more or less amusing disasters that result from the contrasting constellations in a confined space situation: So Tinka is loud, Jürgen quietly, she wants to marry, he reflects on a job offer from Lars in Dubai , The two of them, on the other hand, have sex, while the bed of Diana and Lars is lulled.

And even the children of the couples do not seem to come to a common denominator. Until all those involved then at the comedy-friendly end may show completely different and reconciliatory sides of themselves. However, they are not exactly surprising.


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