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The doorbell rings and RTL jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki stands in front of it. What is the family doing when it was ringing?

Answer A: She wonders who the stranger is. Answer B: She pulls out several phones and asks for selfies. Answer C: She hugs the visitor as if she were the missing daughter.

Anyone who would like to give advice is right at the Vox show “wonderfully honest – do you know your child?”. Because this is about guessing: In experiments and question rounds two families compete against each other. You have to predict how your child behaves or decides in certain situations. There are both testimonials with spiders and beetles on the program as well as an insult words contest, in which actually neither of the two families really hopes that their child has the biggest dirty words repertoire and thus lies ahead.

Vox shows the show on Tuesday. She is being moderated by Mirja Boes, who is herself a mother of two and visibly enjoys inspiring the children of the families to nonsense and testing their limits. What are the kids ready to do when there is a lot of candy for that? And are they banned, even if they feel unobserved?

The focus of the first program is six-year-old Lilly and seven-year-old Santino. Their families are assisted by two celebrity sponsors: Verona Pooth, who is part of the “small checker” Santino team, and Evelyn Burdecki, who supports Lilly's family. “It's going to be beautiful and it's going to be honest, because there's a kid in the game,” the 31-year-old rejoiced before visiting her godfather family.

In the three double episodes are more prominent godparents, including the Ehrlich Brothers, Tim Mälzer and Sarah Lombardi. “They are celebrity guests, whom I know from a different environment, and it will be very exciting to see how they deal with children”, Mirja Boes was already pleased in advance. Together celebrities and families play for up to 10,000 euros.

The show does not necessarily cliché when Lilly presents her pink princess room at home and Santino delights in racing cars. But at the end of the day, it's mainly the children who surprise them every now and then and whose answers are not always as predictable as one would expect.


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