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20:15, 3Sat, foreign enemy, drama

Arnold (Ulrich Matthes) and his wife Karen (Barbara Auer) are shocked when their son Chris tells them that he has committed to a foreign assignment. The son's service in the war zone is the beginning of a grueling time for Arnold and Karen. And in fact, one day the parents will come across the equally dreaded news that their son has fallen. Karen breaks into the death of Chris. Arnold wants to leave everything behind and retires to a lonely mountain hut. But barely arrived in the mountains, he is confronted with an unknown enemy.

20:15, The First, For heaven's sake: outsider, family series

Sister Hanna (Janina Hartwig) is busy helping Lucia Weidner (Maya Haddad). The young, single mother had to give up her job because she could not find a day care place for her daughter. When Lucia's application for social assistance is rejected, Lucia's good friend Matthias Strobl (Paul Behren) snaps and insulted even mayor Wöller (Fritz Wepper). Now Matthias has to worry about his job. Hanna tries to help the rather shy man and finds out that he has a secret in him.

20:15, ZDF, ZDFzeit: Putin and the Germans, documentary

Between chancellor mate and cold warrior: Vladimir Putin has a close but complicated relationship with Germany. He values ​​the country and its people, but rejects many Western values. The fact that the Russian president feels a special closeness to the Germans is one of the founding myths of his presidency. He himself has screwed it hard. The film introduces the different views on Vladimir Putin. Old companions and witnesses speak, top politicians discuss the question of what deal with Putin is the right one.

20:15, kabel eins, Wild Wild West, Western comedy

The evil genius Loveless (Kenneth Branagh) is planning an assassination attempt on the president with the help of his invention, the stilts armor costume called Tarantula. The US government learns about it and instructs Agent James West (Will Smith) to prevent the assassination. Initially, Agent Artemus Gordon (Kevin Kline) gets in his way, pursuing the same goal. And when they finally work together, the beautiful Rita (Salma Hayek) appears suddenly – so it is difficult for the two to concentrate on the mission.

20:15 clock, RTL, Beck is back !, lawyer series

After Sarah (Tanja Hirner) was arrested, Hannes (Bert Tischendorf) does everything in his power to free her from custody. But Kirsten (Annika Ernst) is no means to dirty to put Sarah out of circulation once and for all and keep her away from Hannes. When she lines up with Vince (Eugen Bauder), it looks bad for Sarah. Hannes firmly believes in Sarah's innocence, but Sarah has still not told him the whole truth about the robbery.


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