TV5MONDE – Maghreb-Orient Express – Sabyl Ghoussoub, Mehtap Teke, Nedjim Bouizzoul (Labess), Chérine Yazbeck

Sabyl Ghoussoub, Mehtap Teke, Nedjim Bouizzoul (Labess), Chérine Yazbeck One day, the narrator asks his parents about their meeting in Lebanon and their life in Paris, where they worked and created a cocoon. With other uprooted people from Iraq or Syria, they live to the rhythm of alerts and message loops via a certain social network. Sabyl Ghoussoub publishes “Beirut-sur-Seine” (Stock editions), in the first selection of Goncourt 2022. His previous novel, “Beirut between parentheses”, comes out at Antilopoche. “Little, I said that I wanted to marry you” (Viviane Hamy editions) is the portrait of a father, a Kurdish emigrant who came to settle in the Belgian settlements. When she was a child, the narrator witnessed the pain her father felt at the grave of his own parent. She becomes aware of the grief she will have to overcome the day she will have to experience the same event. In his first novel, Mehtap Teke traces the thread of his memories and those of his father, from Anatolia to Belgium. Tribute to his mother and all those in the shadows… The songwriter Nedjim Bouizzoul, member of the group Labess, who lived for a long time in Montreal, reconnects through “Yemma” (mother in Arabic) with his native land , Algeria. He is also inspired by Colombia and Brittany. Labess is on the bill at the Arabesques festival, on September 18, 2022 in Montpellier, and will be on October 7 in Casablanca, October 8 in Rabat, December 2 at Cabaret Sauvage, in Paris. Since the double explosion of August 4, 2020 in the port of Beirut, the investigation has stalled to establish responsibilities in this tragedy which caused the death of 220 people and injured thousands. Artists seize the subject and lead a fight for memory. This is the case of the photographer Chérine Yazbeck. “I died that day” is the subject of an exhibition, until September 13, 2022, as part of the Beirut Image Festival. A report by Sophie Guignon. # Slimane’s eye: will there always be sand in the Mediterranean? #Atmosphere with the cultural favorites of the guests. Guests: Sabyl Ghoussoub, novelist; Mehtap Teke, novelist; Nedjim Bouizzoul, songwriter, member of the Labess group; Slimane Zeghidour, editorial writer for TV5MONDE. Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.

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