TVP gave the reasons for the dismissal of Radosław Bielawski

Radosław Bielawski has been associated with public television for 12 years. Privately, he is gay, but as he admits, he has never been discriminated against in the workplace as a result. The journalist did not expect that he would be released right now. He used to blow his nose at the TVP bosses, publishing without their consent thanks to Marzena Rogalska, who, at her own request, quit her job in “Question for breakfast”. Kurski did not like this behavior, but nevertheless the journalist remained in his position.

Recently, the vocalist Karinn Ann appeared in the studio “Questions for breakfast”, who, after a previous interview, sang one of her songs on the stage. During the performance, she unexpectedly took a rainbow flag out of her bag and covered it with her to finish the concert. Despite the fact that she disappeared from the vision after 45 seconds, TVP heads agreed to dismiss the publisher, who “did not react on time”.

“Question for Breakfast”: The scandal after the rainbow flag show. TVP says goodbye to the publisher after the song for LGBT

A week after the incident, TVP, at the request of the portal, issued an official statement regarding the dismissal of Radosław Bielawski.

The statement also mentioned the nature of the “Question for Breakfast” program and the rules that apply to journalists working on its production.

The publisher of “Questions for Breakfast” does not hide bitterness. The journalist cannot believe that after so many years of work he was fired … by phone. In the last interview with “” he explains the circumstances of his removal from TVP.

after a while he added:

Radosław Bielawski is going through hard times now. His career, however, is not over yet and the journalist is likely to find another job soon.

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