TVP: Tomasz Kammel to President Jacek Kurski “It’s a miracle of life”




On Easter Sunday, a concert by Andrea Bocelli, hosted by Tomasz Kammel, was broadcast on TVP. There were a lot of negative comments on the web after the presenter greeted the president of Telewizja Polska sitting in the audience with the words “The miracle of life and his parents”.

“Bocelli entitled his concert” Miracle of Life. “And it fits beautifully with the spirit of Easter, but not only. It also fits in with what I see in the hall, because the miracle of life is at the forefront. his parents – Joanna and Jacek Kurscy “, said Tomasz Kammel with a smile. At this point, the cameras showed the president of TVP and his wife, who got up to bow to the audience. As the event was recorded earlier, Joanna Kurska was still in an advanced state of pregnancy.

“Tomasz Kammel plays in the orchestra. Kurski. How stale. Wooden. Not true.”

“Yesterday there was a concert by Andrea Bocelli organized by TVP, where Kurski appeared with his pregnant wife. The fact that he stroked her belly in public, etc. was a piece of cake, but Kammel decided that he must pay attention to this» miracle of life «”, “We will definitely remember your words from this concert, you don’t have to worry” – this is only a part of the comments that appeared under the post on Twitter, where you can see a fragment of the TVP journalist’s speech.

“Tomasz Kammel plays in the orchestra. Kurski. How stale. Wooden. False. Pure commune wrapped in flashing trinkets. Billions of zlotys in the hands of these people” – added politician Bartosz Arłukowicz.

So far, the journalist has not commented on the wave of criticism that fell on him after the concert was broadcast. In turn, Jacek Kurski on Twitter announced the success of the concert, which, according to the data quoted by the president of TVP, was watched by 4 million viewers.

Rogalska about leaving TVP. “That was crazy”

At the end of February, Marzena Rogalska, who had been running the “Question for Breakfast” program with Tomasz Kammel, said goodbye to TVP. The journalist has been associated with the station for over twelve years.

“I did it primarily for myself. I was on duty that day, people were cruel, but I didn’t want to make decisions in a hurry. The subconsciousness started working earlier, though. Then it was crazy. today phone calls are breaking off “- said Rogalska in an interview with Beata Sadowska.

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