Tvrdík reassures Slavia’s fans: There are other reinforcements. Why did he let Tijani go to Pilsen?

While the Sparta camp is still satisfied with the summer changes in the squad, Slavia’s fans are nervous. Foreign reinforcements have not yet arrived, and Ewerton from Mladá Boleslav has not yet been officially introduced. Jaroslav Tvrdík, the head of the Board of Directors of Red and White, commented on the situation.

Slavia has a season without a title after three years of domination. Only the qualification of the European Conference League awaits her, which is also reflected in the transfers. After a long time, he hunts stapling mainly in the Czech Republic.

So far, Slavia has brought three players who last year gave excellent performances on Czech lawns. Stopper Eduard Santos from Karviná, universal David Douděra from Mladá Boleslav and forward Václav Jurečka from Slovácko.

“The club has so far introduced two reinforcements – players Santos and Douder. Another one and announce them when they manage to catch up. A comprehensive summary will be, as always, on the pre-season TK. Completely standard as in previous years, “ wrote Tvrdík on Twitter. He later corrected himself and completed the third reinforcement.

Slavia fans realize that reinforcements have been sent to Eden in previous years for larger bundles of money. Santos, Douděra and Jurečka are quality players in the league, but the question is how they will do in the cups.

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Supporters of stitching would welcome more reinforcements at the same time. They are nervous about the situation around Ewerton, who was already one foot in Slavia and now Sparta has reportedly returned to the game of getting him. Moreover, the offensive midfielder, who Jindřich Trpišovský missed last year, still did not come.

“Things with reinforcements are going according to plan, money is not missing and ambitions are the highest. Enough?” the head of the Slavia board continued.

On the other hand, four players left Slavia, the defensive supporters Ondřej Kúdela and Alexander Bah, as well as Petar Musa and Mohamed Tijani. The latter signed a contract in rival Victoria Pilsen on Thursday.

Fans do not understand the step of the African defender and especially the Slavia leadership. They were looking forward to Tijani after good performances in the Teplice jersey, after the arrival of Santos a new pair was emerging, which could be a bit reminiscent of the legendary tandem Simon Deli, Michael Ngadeu.

“The club comes first, but we value our players and are a strategic partner for us in decision-making. If we can’t use the player ourselves, he wants to move elsewhere and this is an unbeatable highest offer, there is no reason to frustrate the transfer. He could go there anyway in the same way and for free, ” added Tvrdík.

Source: Twitter

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