Tweaked Laluna Unique poses with twin similar friends. Fans: “FROM ONE PRODUCTION LINE” (PHOTO)

Laluna Unique is one of the most colorful characters of the “Queens of Life” program. Kasia, because her real name is a woman, can boast of a large group of fans. She already follows her instagram profile almost 450,000 people. It is in social media that the TTV star reports subsequent visits to Turkish clinics and presents the effects of beauty treatments and plastic surgeries that are difficult to count.

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Laluna through Instagram, she also shows her everyday life, i.e. advertises products from her own “exclusive shop”, brags about sessions at home and reports social meetings.

The latter activity was shown, for example, last Tuesday. The “Queen” posted a number of photos on the profile friend’s birthday. Particular attention of the observers was drawn by group photos, for which Unique poses with her friends. It is impossible not to notice that women are very similar. Although Kasia could count on loyal fans who complimented her and her companions, it also appeared some less favorable responses. Interestingly, currently the option to comment on posts has been blocked.

You look identical, you don’t need to edit these photos; I think they all go to the same doctor. No naturalness; From one production line. These filters really disfigure; But the photo is not real – Internet users write, according to which the celebrity has changed the party photos too much.

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Like a wax museum.

The best part is that when they take off all their make-up, they really look ugly.

This photo from the fight I can’t

It’s terrible. What times are we living in

Her face, compared to the rest of the girls, looks painted on… Give me more of these filters, maybe they will somehow cover what you did on your own request.

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I’m a guy and it disgusts me :O I’m glad that I don’t meet such monsters too often in real life. blah

What do their guys see in this?? Aaa..they have others too

The sows have escaped from the slaughterhouse…..

The village has botox …. the carps will be for Christmas ….

It’s probably an advertisement for a construction composition, silicones, adhesives, masonry putties

But grandmothers used to stay on operating tables

And that last photo…. 🤭

Beautiful …. those kilograms of artificial hair, liters of silicone, meters of plastic claws … kilometers of polyester fabrics. Chic style and Brazilian telenovela

Vip brothel and dresses from Russian New Yorkers

Fun house dolls. And without filters on the phone … nightmares

You can, you can, at least she doesn’t look like her mother like a big lump.

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