Twenty thousand motorcyclists parade for the sick child’s last wish

In Germany, a 6-year-old boy, suffering from terminal cancer, had expressed his last wish: to see centaurs passing by the house. The appeal was answered by all over the country

A story that is good for the heart, of those that excite only to hear them tell. And the motorcycle are protagonists. It all happens in Germany, with 20,000 centaurs and a child who has seen his greatest wish fulfilled.

She turns 85, they give her the first ride of her life


The story was documented and published with a video on the social network Reddit. One 6 year old child resident in the north of Germany, terminally ill with cancer, had a great wish: see motorcyclists parading in front of his house. Friends of his family have begun to disclose everything online, in the hope that some centaur would accept the appeal. About thirty motorcyclists were expected, but the call was answered by all over the country. And here it is in front of the little house 20,000 motorcycles paraded.


The video of the biker catwalk has collected many views and many comments. For some images that manage to warm everyone’s heart, not just motorcyclists.

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  1. Do good people ride motorcycles, or does riding a motorcycle make people good? I don’t know, but almost all of the bikers I’ve met are good people.


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