Twenty-two states are suing the US over Trump's coal policy


Twenty-two states are suing the US over Trump's coal policy

Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 00.10 am: Twenty-two US states and seven cities filed lawsuits against the US government on Tuesday over planned softening of coal-fired climate regulations. It is against President Donald Trump's plan to replace the so-called “Clean Power Plan” of his predecessor Barack Obama with a new scheme called “Affordable Clean Energy”.

Trump wants to introduce a “toothless replacement” for the “Clean Power Plan,” said California's Justice Minister Xavier Becerra. State Democratic governor Gavin Newsom accused the president of neglecting future generations with his climate policy. The lawsuit was filed before the Federal Circuit Court in Washington, but could later land before the Supreme Court.

According to government plans, it will be up to the federal states in the future to set climate protection targets for existing coal-fired power plants. As a result, environmentalists are worried about a softening of targets and thus an increase in climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions in the USA.

Obama had the Clean Power Plan 2015 in force. This has promoted renewable energy and natural gas production that is more climate friendly than coal. National coal-fired power plants have set uniform national limits. However, the Supreme Court suspended the 2016 election, Trump's government abolished it shortly after taking office of the Republican final.

Trump had promised in the election campaign to save the US coal industry. He repeatedly voices doubts about manmade climate change. In June 2017, he announced the US exit from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

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