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“Twilight” star (30) and girlfriend (27) found dead: shocking details

In “Twilight” he played alongside Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Gregory Tyree Boyce. Now he and his girlfriend were found dead. New details are known.

  • Gregory Tyree Boyce played in “Twilight” alongside the two superstars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.
  • According to a media report, he and his girlfriend were found dead last week.
  • Now report the couple’s police and roommates from the terrible find.

Update from May 20: After this “Twilight” star Gregory Tyree Boyce and his girlfriend Natalie had been found dead in her apartment, the background initially remained unclear. But the British was allowed Daily Mail the Police report see.

When the officers found the couple, they were both in bed without clothes. Gregory and Natalie not helping at this point been, the mortal rigidity had already started, and blood clots had already formed on the bodies, the report says.

The police can therefore assume that the Death of the two occurred some time before they were found was. Now you explain roommatewhy he hadn’t noticed.

“Twilight” star Gregory Boyce and girlfriend Natalie found dead – housemates didn’t notice anything for a long time

On May 11th, two days before the gruesome find, were Gregory and Natalie last seen alive from him. The following Tuesday he worked a night shift and then slept until Afternoon of May 13th by. When he woke up, the door to the room was closed, he assumed that the two were not at home, he explains.

So he didn’t worry too much and went out himself, but when he came back he noticed the actor’s car in the driveway. Then he entered the room, worried, and opened his mouth the bodies of his roommates.

“Twilight” star Gregory Boyce and his girlfriend dead: does this lead to the cause of death?

A further detail the police leave a particularly sad one Cause of death suspect. The officers found themselves on the bedside table white powder and a straw. According to the report Gregory and Natalie have been known to use harder drugs, including crystal meth and cocaine. The toxicological finding is still pending The police do not suspect violent crime at this time.

“Twilight” star (30) and his girlfriend (27) found dead – mother with moving words

First report from May 19: Las Vegas – At the side of the two superstars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson he played in the successful fantasy romance “Twilight” an important role: Gregory Tyree Boyce. Consistent reports from US media, the 30-year-old was found dead together with his girlfriend in an apartment in Las Vegas last week.

Twilight star found dead – background still unclear

As “E! News” reports, there are not many details about the death of Gregory Tyree Boyce and his 27 year old girlfriend Natalie Adepoju known.

So be it “Twilight” star and his girlfriend were killed dead by the police in their apartment on Wednesday afternoon a week ago Las Vegas been found. Boyce cousin noticed that his car was still in front of his apartment Las Vegas was standing. Gregory Tyree Boyce, however, would have been in los Angeles should be located. According to the report, he wanted to meet his 10-year-old daughter Alaya in L.A. and also apply for new acting roles. There are currently no indications that would suggest a crime.

Mourning was also great for the French film legend Michel Piccoli. He played alongside Romy Schneider.

Twilight star Gregory Tyree Boyce died – he played Tyler Crowley

Gregory Boyce had originally turned away from the acting industry and wanted to open a fast food restaurant, as well focus.de reported. After his role in “Twilight – Bite at dawn”, the first part of “Twilight”, he had no further appearance in the four following films in the series. A breakthrough in the film industry should not happen.

2008 embodied Gregory Tyree Boyce the Figure Tyler Crowley alongside Kristen Stewart (main character Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Vampire Edward Cullen) in “Twilight”. He hired a classmate from Kristen Stewart represents.

“Twilight” star dead: his mother goes public with moving words

Via Facebook the mother of the “Twilight” stars to speak. In a very long posting, among other things, his outstanding culinary skills come to the fore and write that Gregory Tyree Boyce would have reported on concrete plans. So he wanted to start as a cook. “He was on the way to something great and that was his passion,” she writes and continues, “I’m sick without you. I am torn, I am lost. […] Boy. Why did you leave me.”

There has been great sadness in Hollywood lately. A

real Hollywood icon had passed away.

Everyone knows his face. Now there was a tragic death in Venice Beach: died after a bathing accident

Ex-wrestling star and actor. He probably sacrificed himself for his son.


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