Twins create video games and have already paid their parents’ mortgage

Matthew and Ben Horton went further in their love of video games, because they not only settled for playing for hours, but they learned to create their own. Despite the criticism they have achieved great success and even paid their parents’ mortgage, which is why they have earned the respect of their relatives, friends and those who previously criticized them and told them that playing they were never going to achieve anything.

At age 13 these twins created their first video game on the Roblox platform, and now at age 20 they earn far more than any average worker in Norfolk, UK. In fact, each year they generate earnings of $ 132,000 each and with that they were able to pay the mortgage on their parents ‘house, in addition to paying for their siblings’ college.

Boat Ride It was their first successful game and since then their earnings have multiplied, in addition, they sell items that make the gaming experience better, which gives them an extra profit of $ 9 a day. They have shown themselves as true entrepreneurs, as well as great sons and brothers, as they have put their creativity at the service of the family.

When we started we were 13 years old, working from nine to five on Christmas holidays. We only made about $ 1.5 a week, so $ 9 was a lot – we bought about 5,000 marshmallows!


His next step is to move to the United States to start his own video game company and launch into the big leagues of one of the most profitable industries, with profits of more than 120 billion dollars annually, which is why this creative pair wants to have a bigger slice of that cake and keep growing, as well as helping your loved ones.

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