Twitter closed accounts of Iván Márquez, Jesús Santrich and the Segunda Marquetalia dissidence

Twitter closed accounts of Iván Márquez, Santrich and Segunda Marquetalia at the request of the authorities. Credit Twitter

Before a request of the National Police before different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, to permanently suspend the users of the main members of the Second Marquetalia, dissidence of the old FARC guerrilla, the social network, owned by Jack Dorsey, canceled in the last hours of the night those linked to the staff of this criminal structure.

The “arrobas” @IvanMarquezFarc, @JSantrich_FARC and @SMarquetalia, registered with those names and used as propaganda outreach channels are suspended according to the corporate message of said social network: “Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter Rules”, appears on the profile of each of those involved.

Despite the fact that the social network reserves the right to make public statements about this type of event, except for the official tweet related to the case of President Donald Trump that was suspended due to the events of January 6, the movement would be linked to the disclosure of a video in which the staff of the Second Marquetalia issued a statement in which they affirmed their support for different initiatives that seek the constitutional revocation of the President of the Republic, Iván Duque López.

Said video, object of condemnation by the political and social sectors of the country, presented the guerrillas with weapons on their shoulders as they read said statement from, probably, their operations center in northeastern Colombia.

Suspended are the accounts of the dissent of the Second Marquetalia. Credit Twitter

The suspension would also originate from the request submitted by the National Police, managed early on Thursday, January 14, 2020. In statements by the Director General, General Jorge Luis Vargas, to the Blu Radio station, formal requests had been sent to different social platforms to control the propaganda of the members of the Second Marquetalia.

“We wrote the letters to these different entities because they appear armed inciting terrorism. Something that we cannot allow ”Vargas stressed in a radio interview.

While the Police were making progress on the request, the Security Advisor, Rafael Guarín, responded directly from his Twitter account to Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich:

“Márquez can continue posing on videos and social networks from Venezuela, under the auspices of the Maduro dictatorship, sponsor of terrorism, but let him know that the Public Force is waiting for him to terminate him, just as it was done with the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar “Guarín commented, who supported the police initiative before these social networks.

Suspended all social media accounts of the Segunda Marquetalia dissidence.

The above would confirm another suspension, this time from the YouTube platform, which took the Jacobo Alape channel off the Internet, from where materials related to the dissent are published, in addition to the controversial video shared on Twitter.

It would not be the first time that this type of situation has occurred with members of this dissidence.

In August 2019, Twitter suspended temporarily the accounts of Márquez and Santrich, when these, after signing the Peace Accords, went into hiding. On both accounts, the two presented a video in which they announced their return to the armed struggle.

Suspended are the accounts of the dissent of the Second Marquetalia. Credit Twitter

The unilateral action taken by Twitter is due to a change in the approach of said social network, after the account of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, apparently incited acts of violence and vandalism in the Capitol of that nation.

The indefinite suspension of the irregular accounts would be a step in the direction of purging hate messages from said social network.

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