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"That sucks! Alexa, stop it! "Twitter scoffs at Jeff Bezos for the sms he sent to TV even before" having a relationship "before his divorce was made public, Jeff Bezos sent texts to Lauren Sanchez in the months leading up to his public divorceBezos announced who was splitting up from his wife MacKenzie on Wednesday.The lyrics were published by the National Enquirer on Thursday and claimed that Bezos and Sanchez were having a relationship for months.The messages sent Twitter users into overdrive with many mockery of sextant abilities of the Amazon founder.

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1.30pm EST, January 10th 2019

1.30pm EST, January 10th 2019

Twitter mocked the head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, after the humble text messages sent to a still married television were made public following the news of his divorce. The texts, which were published by the National Enquirer on Thursday, were sent to Lauren Sanchez in the months before Bezos publicly announced that he would split up with his wife MacKenzie. "I love you, girl alive," Bezos wrote to Sanchez in one text.

Twitter mocked Amazon chief Jeff Bezos after the wet text messages he sent to married television presenter Lauren Sanchez were made public as news of her divorce

Text messages sent Twitter users in overdrive on Thursday with many mocking the founder's abilities of the Amazon founder. In others, the billionaire said: "I want to smell you", "I want to breathe" and "I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon." He also wrote: "I want to hold you tight … I want to kiss your lips …. I love you. I'm in love with you. "Messages have sent Twitter users overdrive about the founding abilities of the Amazon founder Alexa, stop!" He read a tweet. Others said: "Alexa must be devastated by the sixth Bezos" and "they read as Bezos asked Alexa to send a message to her lover and this is what she invented."

& # 39; Someone needs to compile an echo add that can teach Bezos as sext & # 39 ;, wrote another Twitter user. A tweet said: "Jefff Bezos gives me a million dollars to improve your terrible sest game" I love you, girl alive "uhhh … Bezos is a Russian Twitter bot? Yikes," read a tweet. The texts emerged one day after Bezos and his 25-year-old wife revealed that they were dividing. Bezos and Sanchez both denied betraying their spouses after their report was revealed Wednesday evening. The couple started dating in June, before separating themselves from the husband of Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell. The National Enquirer claims to have a relationship behind the backs of their spouses.


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