Twitter will create a new function for long texts

Twitter has just introduced a new feature that will allow users to write up to 2,500 words and it is not an extension of tweets. His name is Notes.

This characteristic is summed up in that, now, within Twitter there would be a space in which people can publish long texts as if it were a blog. What happens is that it seems to be a strategy to concentrate content within the social network itself.

Notes or, to put it in some way, the new Twitter blog would have a length of 2,500 words, which is a fairly large number to share concerns, opinions and criticism. At the design level, it is quite simple and, in fact, it is made up of a page that has a header at the top.

The new feature is not yet available to everyone and, in fact, it seems that it will take time to become official at a general level. Only some users have the feature available, but everyone can access the examples that you have left linked after the tweet where you present the new feature.

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