Two arrested after threatening an 18-year-old girl with spreading sexual videos among her fellow students

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Agents of the National Police – belonging to the Higher Headquarters of La Rioja and Valencia – have arrested in Logroño and Valencia to two men, 19 and 25 years old of Romanian and Spanish nationality respectively, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets. Those arrested are accused of disseminate photos and videos of sexual content through social networks of a woman without her consent.

The authors have remained released on charges pending trial, but not before being warned of the legal obligation to appear before the judicial authority when required. Neither of them have a criminal record.

The investigation began after the Higher Police Headquarters received the complaint from an 18-year-old woman in which he reported that through an unknown social network account, an anonymous person had sent him a series of messages containing photos and videos of sexual content in which the complainant was seen having sexual relations with a man.

As well as photos in which she appeared naked. This person demanded more photos and videos of an intimate nature or, otherwise, he would proceed to publish all the content that he had in his possession on certain Internet pages or to disseminate them to users of the educational center where the victim studies.

After a laborious investigation by the Family and Women’s Care Unit of the Higher Headquarters of La Rioja and in the course of it, he was completely identified and A first man was arrested, who turned out to be a person with whom the victim would have had a relationshipa 19-year-old young man who would have been the first disseminator of these files and photos with sexual content.

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