Two bodies with stab wounds found in a burned apartment in La Cisterna | National

Two people died in a fire that affected an apartment in the commune of La Cisterna, in the Metropolitan region. In a preliminary way, the fire would be intentional.

The incident occurred on José Joaquín Prieto avenue, where emergency personnel arrived to control the fire.

After communicating the event to the Public Ministry, the expert reports were sent to the Homicide Brigade.

Commissioner Orlando Calderón of the brigade indicated that once the specialized team managed to work on the first body, they found that had injuries attributable to third parties.

“Immediately the entire protocol for homicide is activated,” Calderón explained, adding that during the investigations the other body was found. it was covered by some mattresses, which also had the same characteristics as the first.

Thus, he stated that “we are investigating a double murder with a knife.” In addition, he pointed out that according to the information he handles, there were two sources of fire inside the property, which makes them believe that this was intentional.

Finally, the investigations will consist of determining the identity of the bodies, cause of death and those responsible for the act.


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