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[Epoch Times November 23, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen)Marvelbrand newDisney+Album “Hawkeye“The trailer was released on the 22nd (click here), Yu first generation “HawkeyeJerry MilenaAnd the first appearance as a “female eagle eye”Hayley SteinfeldLeading starring, different from mostMarvelWorks, this time the style is more relaxed and life-oriented.

The background of the story is set in New York City, where the streets and alleys are already full of Christmas festive atmosphere. The former Avengers member “Clint Barton” (Jerry MilenaJeremy Renner Acting), during this rare holiday, bringing his family to New York to watch the Broadway musical, the hero, who had returned to his family and wanted to live a good life, was accidentally caught in the threat from the past.

The new Marvel series “Eagle Eye” will premiere on the Disney+ platform on November 24. The picture is a still. (Disney+ provided)

In order to go home on time for the holidays, Clint Barton can only reluctantly and reluctantly and the new generation of archers “Kate Bishop” (Hayley SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld Acting) Work together to embark on a new journey of continuous laughter, punishment of evil and promotion of good.

As one of the six veteran members of the Avengers, Jerry Milena jokingly said when he mentioned the superhero he played for many years, “Eagle Eye” should be the most resonant character among the many heroes. In the new album, the image of a “superhero” has been redefined. Hawkeye actually has an ordinary side. It has a family like you and me. You still need to help change your diaper when you go home after archery walks and jumps outside.

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Director Reese Thomas (Rhys Thomas) Also said that he really likes Hawkeye’s low-key interpretation of heroism. “Clint Barton’s powerful personality is very attractive, but he will not show it to the outside world. His power is hidden under an imperfect and complicated appearance.” .

Kate Bishop, the first-time “marksman”, also received high attention. In the film, as a loyal fan of Hawkeye, she will entangle Clint Barton at all costs, adding a lot of sparkle to this journey. comminicate.

“Eagle Eye” released today (Hawkeye) Highlights (click hereIn the clip, Kate Bishop ridiculed the first generation of Hawkeye, who was so low-key that fans could not recognize it, and said jokingly: “Your problem is that your personal brand has not been done well.” Hawkeye, who sees fame and wealth as a cloud, unceremoniously Choke back: “You are my problem!” The fans burst into laughter.

Hayley Steinfeld also revealed that in order to perfectly digest the action scenes, she asked her dad as a coach to personally train her some action stunts when she was in Los Angeles. At the same time, she hired a professional archery coach to guide related skills.

“Eagle Eye” is a work that is very close to human nature,” Hailee Steinfeld said when sharing the details of the album: “Its core revolves around the family. These characters try to overcome various challenges in life. They may need to prove that they can overcome the difficulties alone, or they need to find teammates to fight together; in the final analysis, this is a very true story.”

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The new Marvel series “Eagle Eye” will premiere on the Disney+ platform on November 24. The picture is a still. (Disney+ provided)

At the premiere held in Los Angeles a few days ago, Jerry Milena, who wanted to go home for the festival, did not live up to his reputation as a “daughter fool” and brought his 8-year-old daughter to the event.

Continuing the previous exposure that her daughter mistook the hero uniform for her father’s pajamas, when asked during a red carpet interview whether her daughter knew her father was the famous “eagle eye”, Jerry Mirena replied with a smile: ” She should finally formally understand what her dad is doing for the first time. It is also a very special moment for me personally.”

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Pictures (Kevin Feige) Also appeared and said that in the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (Avengers: Age of UltronIn ), the audience can see that Hawkeye is a family hero among the Avengers, so it also gives the team the opportunity to create a festive theme: “Not necessarily everything has to be related to the end of the world and bombing the earth. This time it is pure It’s about whether Hawkeye can rush home for Christmas!”

The series “Eagle Eye” will be on November 24thDisney+The platform premieres and goes online every Wednesday. A total of 6 episodes will be launched. The past, present and future of this “first-generation Avenger” will be more fully displayed in front of movie fans.

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