Two high school students injured by LBD shots


On Wednesday two young men were hit by Launcher bullets in clashes with the police. The movement of high school students, in the wake of yellow jackets, seems to harden, even if the number of high schools is blocked "Much lower than the last days", says the Ministry of Education.

A student in the scientific terminal, Garge-lès-Gonesses, was wounded on Wednesday in front of his high school by a shot of a defense-thrower. A teacher, present this morning, testifies: "I was with the high school students this morning, I was trying to get them to go home because I was afraid it would get out of hand." There were several hundred at the school doors, some of them waiting for the block to return to class, other young people were also present from outside.The situation intensified when a tree near a bin caught fire.The CRS arrived immediately and indicated the Defenders to the young.It was very violent.One of them fell, hit on the cheek, he came to blood in the structure, before being cared for by Samu. "

Gathered in AG, teachers drafted a joint statement "To mark our support for students, tell them that the state is not just defensive projectiles in the head"she continues. They call the blockade tomorrow, with their students, to show their support and their rejection of violence. In Val-d & Oise, 138 people were arrested on Wednesday, said MEP LREM Val-d & Oise Aurélien Taché.

A second wounded in Orleans

A young boy was also injured by a Shotgun Launcher shot in Orleans. "In the context of strong tensions in front of Jacques-Monod's school, in Saint-Jean-de-Braye, near Orleans, a 16-year-old man was hit in the head by a shot from a defensive projectile launcher", confirmation release the public prosecutor of the Republic of Orleans. Currently hospitalized, the prognosis of the young is not engaged, contrary to what initially announced some media. "There would have been a mass movement towards the police, the latter would have reacted with the use of tear gas and defense projectile launchers". An investigation was opened from the Orleans parquet to determine whether the use of weapons by the police was legitimate or not.

The academies of Versailles, Créteil and the city of Marseille were particularly affected, as reported by the rectors of the morning. "It focuses on some academies, and this is often in the form of violence on the periphery of institutions," the ministry said in the early afternoon.

"Like the movement of yellow jackets that intertwine on continuous news channels, the student movement is eclipsed by increasingly violent acts of urban warfare, and many excesses have been observed even today, causing more than a hundred arrests", indicates a joint note from the Directorate of Information of the Paris Police Prefecture (DRPP) and the Central Territorial Intelligence Service (SCRT), which Libération acquired. Furthermore, one could read, "It was found in Seine-Saint-Denis for the first time since the beginning of the movement that the shaking won colleges, however, it focused on the town of Courneuve probably to mimic with the events that occurred the day before in the high schools of the municipality ".

Students' entry into the movement

This Wednesday is also marked by the entry of students, particularly Parisians in the movement. In Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, 150 students gathered in AG, voted to block the establishment. The block also voted in Tolbiac, «For a withdrawal from Parcoursup [le système d’affectation dans le supérieur, ndlr] and lower registration fees. "

The leaders of the high school unions, Fidl and UNL, were to be received this Wednesday afternoon by Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer's cabinet. They call high school students to mobilize on Thursday for some and Friday for others.

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