Two injured police officers appear in Tsunami due to terrorism and Dignity and Justice asks to send the evidence against Puigdemont to the Supreme Court

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Two national police officers who were injured in the serious incidents due to the sentence of the process in Barcelona They have appeared as victims of “street terrorism” in the investigation of the National Court on the Democratic Tsunami.

The request for appearance comes when a popular accusation that is already in the case, Dignity and Justicehas asked the judge Manuel García-Castellón to send the evidence of crime against Carles Puigdemont to the Supreme Court. The former president and European parliamentarian is charged before the Supreme Court, the only court that can formally charge him.

The document presented by the law firm Fuster Fabra reflects the circumstances that the two members of the Police Intervention Unit -UIP, the riot police- experienced on October 18, 2019 in the area of ​​the Plaza de Urquinaona, where the clashes were more violent. Given the anticipation of incidents, both had been assigned to protect the Vía Layetana Police Headquartersa usual target of the independence movement’s anger.

Regarding the first of the agents, the writing relates what happened like this: “At around 8:00 p.m., being barricaded in the Plaza de Urquinaona, given the impossibility of progress due to the intensity of the attacks, urban terrorism style or Street fight, who were suffering with cobblestones, stones, metal petanque balls, flares, Molotov cocktails, acid and DIY metal material, in what the actors interpreted as an obvious attempt to produce the greatest possible number of casualties among the acting force; the national police agent with TIP 91464 “He received a very strong impact from an object thrown by the protesters that hit the right side of his helmet, falling to the ground collapsed and completely losing consciousness.”

With the second agent, identified as TIP 109440 The following happened: “Being in the same place, he received a strong impact on his hand, while he was part of the operation, suffering a serious open fracture in the radius of his right arm with displacement, and that, after several surgical interventions, and as As a result of the severity of the injury, as he did not meet the necessary physical conditions to continue working as a police officer, he has been retired at the age of 45.”

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