Two men arrested for retaining two women for prostitution in Badajoz enter prison

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Agents of the National Police, attached to the Provincial Immigration and Border Brigade of Badajoz, have arrested at the beginning of this month of August two men, who have entered prison, for their alleged perpetrator of a crime of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitationspecifically, for allegedly holding two women to prostitute themselves in the capital of Badajoz.

The facts were brought to the attention of the agents through a telephone call, in which an alleged witness stated the existence of two women detained against their will in a house in this city, they would be being prostituted.

These statements were corroborated by the statements of one of the victims, who reported that he they had offered a certain amount of money to sell narcotic substancesand subsequently, by refusing to do it, they had held in a flat from Badajoz, annulling his will by supplying him with drugs, and forcing you to have sexexplains in a press release the National Police.

Similar situation was the one I was living another young woman, victim of these eventswho finally also denounced and provided essential data for the optimal conclusion of this investigation.

On August 9, the alleged perpetrators of this crime of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation were arrested. two men 36 and 37 years oldwith prior records, and who, after the investigation of the relevant police report, were placed at the disposal of the judicial authority, which ordered the imprisonment of both.

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