Two minutes saved a Greek from reaching the devastated Ethiopian plane


A Greek citizen named Antonios Mavropoulos said he had missed the Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed Sunday after takeoff, saying he was two minutes late on the plane.

Mavropoulos, who works for a non-profit organization, the International Solid Waste Association, said he was late for the plane and was not allowed to enter.

"I could see people climbing. I was very angry because they didn't let me in," according to Yahoo News, which turned out to be the luckiest moment of his life.

Mavropoulos explained that he was carrying his luggage in his hands and that is why the crew did not wait. He said that this problem later saved him from further problems, because after the tragic news of the accident, the security services had to investigate him, because he was the only person who did not go up plane;.

"There was no logical connection between the delay and the crash, and I had my luggage," said Mavropoulos. "That's why I didn't ask for more."

"The airport staff, courteous, paid me for the next flight, left at 11.20, apologized to me for any inconvenience and took me to a nice room for a three-hour wait" , wrote Mavropoulos through his Facebook account.

He said he was "screaming" to get on the plane before taking off.

He also published a picture of himself on the Ethiopian plane.

The Greek man contacted his friends and relatives after the accident to reassure them that he was not on the plane Sunday.

All 157 passengers aboard the plane were killed.

The aircraft, a Boeing 737 Max 8, crashed shortly after it took off from Ethiopia for Kenya.

The Ethiopian airline company announced in a recovered declaration the cockpit recorder and the digital data recorder of the plane flight that fell, from the accident scene.



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