‘Two months after childbirth’ Park Shin-hye, still a young face… “Culture life after a long time” [N샷]

Park Shin-hye Instagram capture © News 1

Actress Park Shin-hye posted her recent status by confirming the performance.

On the 5th, Park Shin-hye posted a ‘selfie’ on her social network service (SNS) account along with the sentence “Culture life after a long time”.

In the published photo, Park Shin-hye posed while holding a pamphlet of a famous performance group on a world tour. She’s wearing a mask, so she can’t see all of her face, but she still has a girly, youthful look.

Park Shin-hye got married to actress Choi Tae-joon in January, and she gave birth to a son on May 31 and became a mother.

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