Two new Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons get previews

The success and popularity of Microsoft Flight Simulator is surprising in many ways, as it is a franchise that has been dormant since 2004, but more than that, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a very casual experience. However, it seems that therapeutic games are in demand and necessary given the current state of the world.

The first expansion is developed by SimWorksStudios and completely renovates the General Vilar da Luz Airport [LPVL] which is located in Maia, Portugal. It is a small airport that has a single strip of runway, with grass and forest on both sides.

SimWorkStudios has added many fine details surrounding the hangars and buildings to ensure the location is more than just another low-detail overpass not worth visiting. The Vilar da Luz General Airport complement is scheduled for launch soon, but does not have a firm launch date yet.

The following is an expansion of the Verticalsim team, which focuses entirely on add-ons from flight simulators. Verticalsim also revamped one of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s least-loved airports, Duluth Sky Harbor Airport. [KDYT].

Duluth Sky Harbor Airport is also a single-strip airport, although it is in a beautiful location on Lake Superior. The strip itself, however, is less important than the lake’s piers for seaplanes. There are many details in the unique style of this airport and its aquatic environment, and for those who want to see it for themselves, it is now available..

It will be exciting to see what comes next for the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. Asobo is already working on something new for Microsoft, but it is also said that it will be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator for 10 years. With or without Asobo, it’s clear that third-party support for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be there regardless.


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